Jan 192016

Last year, in our church, we had a preaching series on the book of Revelation – an opportunity to share together something of the greatness of God and His Lamb (Jesus), to hear the words of Jesus to His church, to gain insight into what is going on in the world and how God’s people are called to engage with it, and to look ahead to the wonderful future that is in store for us as God completes the work of re-creation and comes to dwell with His people (Rev 21:3).revelation cover

A number of people who weren’t able to get to some of the services asked for notes about what had been said so they could “keep up” and so I thought it might be helpful to make the entire set available.

There are, as is well known, many ways to look at the book of Revelation and I am sure some people will see it differently from how I present it in this book. But my hope and prayer is that it will encourage people to look again at what the book says, to wrestle with it, and to hear God’s voice speaking through it.

The book is available in a number of formats:

  • As a Kindle book (I had hoped to publish it for free but couldn’t find a way to do so in this format so it costs 99p)
  • As a “Personal Book” to be compiled as a Bible Commentary into Logos Software (the zip file contains the document, a cover file and a suggestion of how to install it)
  • As a downloadable PDF document