Sep 272018

Once we finish Nehemiah in early October, we will have 13 books left in the Old Testament – the last books in most translations of our Bibles, books containing prophetic words and actions.

They relate to different periods of the history of God’s people and it’s not always easy to get the order exactly right.

For our purposes we will cover them in the following order:

  1. Books written with a major focus on the Northern Kingdom before being taken into exile by Assyria
    1. Jonah
    2. Micah
  2. Books focusing on the Southern Kingdom before being taken into exile by Babylon
    1. Joel
    2. Amos
    3. Hosea
    4. Nahum
    5. Zephaniah
    6. Habakkuk
    7. Obadiah
  3. While in exile in Babylon
    1. Daniel
  4. After returning from exile in Babylon
    1. Haggai
    2. Zechariah
    3. Malachi

So not quite the same order as in our Bibles but this will hopefully give a sense of progression and development as God speaks through his prophets into the lives of his people.

We will intersperse these with the remaining books in the New Testament.