Aug 302018

After we finish looking at the book of Hebrews (on Tuesday), we’re going to go back into the Old Testament and look at three historical books – telling us stories of what happened during the Babylonian exile and as people started to return home to Jerusalem.

In Esther, we’ll see the story of a young woman who became queen and was instrumental in saving her people from genocide


In Ezra, we’ll see the rejoicing that took place as they rebuilt the Temple – a place for God’s people to worship Him. We’ll also see some of the challenges they faced in doing it.


In Nehemiah – we’ll see a butler turned governor rebuilding the walls of the city of Jerusalem. We’ll see how he was prepared to trust in God even through real challenges and difficulties.

There is some confusion over when these events actually happened so putting them in the right order is a bit of a challenge!

This is particularly the case with Ezra and Nehemiah with Nehemiah 7:6-72 being a duplicate of Ezra 2:1-69 and with Ezra appearing in Nehemiah 8 & 12.

But they each have a powerful story to tell – and to look at them in a possibly chronological order we’ll work through Esther, then Ezra and finish with Nehemiah.