Sep 302018
Being clear on what the Bible says

I was intrigued by a report by the BBC about Kanye West changing his name to “Ye”. The reason he gives in the article is: “I believe ‘ye’ is the most commonly used word in the Bible, and in the Bible it means ‘you,’” West said earlier this year, discussing his album title with radio […]

Sep 272018
BCaD - The final prophetic books in the Old Testament

Once we finish Nehemiah in early October, we will have 13 books left in the Old Testament – the last books in most translations of our Bibles, books containing prophetic words and actions. They relate to different periods of the history of God’s people and it’s not always easy to get the order exactly right. […]

Aug 302018
BCaD - Esther, Ezra and Nehemiah

After we finish looking at the book of Hebrews (on Tuesday), we’re going to go back into the Old Testament and look at three historical books – telling us stories of what happened during the Babylonian exile and as people started to return home to Jerusalem.     There is some confusion over when these […]

Jul 282018
BCaD - Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and Hebrews

After finishing Paul’s letters this coming Thursday, we’re going to go back to the Old Testament and look at a couple of books that are traditionally identified as having been written by Solomon. Ecclesiastes is written from the perspective of an old, wise man – looking back on a full and varied life and reflecting […]

Jul 182018
BCaD - Pastoral Epistles

We’re going to finish looking at Ezekiel on Friday 20th July with the message of hope of restoration of the city, of the, with God’s presence and glory coming back to the temple, and God living, again, amongst His people. And we’re going to move on to finish our look at the letters of Paul, […]

Mar 152018
BCaD - Colossians & Philemon; Isaiah; Ephesians; Ezekiel

We’re going to finish looking at 2 Chronicles on Saturday March 17th and will leave the people of Judah in exile, with their city in ruins but with a message of hope that they will come home and rebuild. When we come back to the Old Testament we’ll look at how these stories developed and […]

Dec 242017
Power of words? Power of the Word!

On Friday I was watching a news update from a traffic centre monitoring the state of the roads as people “got away” for Christmas. Everything seemed to be flowing smoothly and, on a number of occasions, as the presenter referred to this she stressed that she was not trying to “tempt fate”. The implication was […]

Dec 232017
BCaD - Romans and Chronicles

Our journey through Proverbs comes to an end on Tuesday 26th December and we’re going to follow that by picking up on Paul’s letters – where we have come to the letter he wrote to the church in Rome. Recognised by many as the most complete statement of Paul’s understanding of the gospel of God, […]

Dec 052017
BCaD - Sons and parents in Proverbs

The BCaD post for 5th December 2017 quoted from Proverbs 10:1 which speaks about a wise son bringing joy to his father while a foolish son brings grief to his mother. A fascinating question was asked – “any idea why the different parents are mentioned on the opposing sides?” Here are some thoughts. It’s first […]

Nov 082017
BCaD - Mark and Proverbs

Over the last few months – in posting thoughts from a “Bible Chapter a Day” – we have looked at 2 Corinthians as part of our survey of Paul’s letters and have just finished looking through Jeremiah and Lamentations where the prophet predicted the destruction of Jerusalem and laments over it. Challenging times for Paul […]